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Fibertech’s LT67

Fibertech’s LT67 laundry truck with a 48 cubic ft capacity meets commercial laundry needs with a durable long-lasting design. Manufactured with rotationally-molded polyethylene, the cart is resistant to rust, stains, dents, and scratches. A metal reinforced plastic bolt-on base adds support and durability.

Customizable for your needs
The F-LT67 model includes a variety of customization options—whether the cart is used in-house or for delivery. Options include: caster size and configuration, lockable lid and door (in one or two pieces), spring lift platform, drain holes or hand holes for maneuvering ease. Laundry Truck design options can reflect your image. Customization includes standard color and custom color options. The inclusion of logos or department names with mold-on graphic, mold-in graphic, and stenciling options are available.

Easy-To-Clean Design
Due to plastic construction Fibertech trucks are easy to clean to keep your laundry safe. They are manufactured to include smooth interiors and rounded corners which eliminate collection points that can harbor dirt and bacteria, protecting linens from potential damage and contamination. Another linen protection feature is how Fibertech mounts casters. The carts are designed so that the casters are installed using inserts molded into the bottom of the cart instead of bolting through the bottom. This eliminates catch points that could tear or otherwise damage your linens upon removal. The plastic cart material is also rust-proof and non-corrosive, ensuring a long-lasting product that will not damage or discolor your laundry—even in damp environments—a critical design feature in these industries!

Variety of Material Options Including Fire-Retardant
Fibertech also offers a variety of material options for bulk laundry carts. Unless otherwise specified, its commercial laundry trucks are all manufactured with 100% virgin materials that are both USDA and FDA compliant. They also offer environmentally-friendly and cost-effective options crafted from recycled plastic materials. Fibertech now offers commercial laundry carts constructed from fire-retardant materials. If you are in an industry where this is a priority, contact Fibertech about using fire-retardant materials in the manufacturing process.

Fibertech’s durable laundry trucks suit commercial laundry and linen delivery service needs. Crafted with a one-piece, reinforced design, they are ideal for commercial use by businesses serving a variety of industries—including hotels, restaurants, health clubs, hospitals, schools and correctional institutions and they are backed with a four-year warranty. Call for a free quote.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: Fibertech


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