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Flatwork Ironer Clean ‘N Wax Cloth Features Suits Any Ironer or Wax

SADDLE BROOK, NJ — The Clean ‘N Wax Cloth flatwork ironer cleaning and waxing cloth from laundry product supplier Tingue features a choice of three flap styles to suit every flatwork ironer model from every manufacturer and every type of ironer wax.

Designed to help the wax melt evenly and to disperse the wax onto the chests for lubrication without contaminating the ironer rolls, the three barrier flaps include the premium, siliconized barrier flap for extreme heat resistance and long-lasting, high performance, the Teflon(R) flap for high heat resistance and the standard duck flap for less intensive operations.

Used in conjunction with the company’s Tingue Kleening Cloth ironer cleaning cloth, the Clean ‘N Wax Cloth in all flap styles provides both lubrication and a preliminary cleaning step that supports proper waxing and sets the stage for easier, routine cleaning and removal of dirt and grime. The result is improved finish quality and a decline in the reject rate.

Developed by Tingue and offered exclusively from the company’s representatives, the Clean ‘N Wax Cloth is available with either of the three barrier flaps in 60, 72, 120, 136, and 155-inch widths at a standard length of 72 inches. Company engineers recommend running the cloth through the ironer after the separate Tingue Kleening Cloth to start each shift and periodically during each shift for peak ironer performance and superior finish quality.

For more information, contact Ty Acton, Tingue, 309 Dividend Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269 USA; 800.829.3864; Fax 770.486.0975; tacton@tingue.com; www.Tingue.com.