Leonard Laundry

FLM Lint Collectors

FAIRFIELD, N.J. — FLM wet-type Lint Collectors come in SM-6 which provides 6000 CFM, and the SM-9 – SM-39 units which range in size from 9000 CFM to 39,000 CFM.

The FLM wet-type lint collector features – CFM ranges from 9000 to 39000 CFM, strategically located access doors, stainless steel construction, improved water spray pattern to insure greater lint entrapment and non-clogging spray nozzles with minimum maintenance required.

The dry-type DT-5 thru DT-20 models are an inexpensive lint collector that includes the best features found in the larger dry-type lint collectors. They are easy to install and ready for use.

The FLM dry-type lint collector features – a design for OPL and smaller properties where the larger wet-type cannot be installed, stainless steel construction, newly designed interior separator and they are designed to service multiple dryers from 5000 to 20,000 CFM.

The DT-1000 unit is designed for smaller, on premise laundries in the hotel, motel, health care and dry cleaning industries. It is compact and custom built to suit your location with 1000 CFM capacity.