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Foltex USA Unveils New Laundry Equipment 

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Foltex USA, a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment recently announced the launch of their line of laundry equipment. In addition to its specialty in drywork folders, Foltex USA also offers flatwork feeders and folders, robe folders, and an innovative shop towel stacker.

Foltex serves all three major sectors of the industry and they have earned customers in thirteen states including New York, Florida, Hawaii and Alaska.

“Our team’s fresh perspective on engineering bridges the gap between simple and reliable technology – allowing customers to benefit from both, company president and owner, Arnaud Henrard, said. “Foltex set out to be a different kind of company – one that not only delivers simple and reliable equipment, but that also brings an authentic feeling of connection with its clients.”

Foltex USA provides a 30-day money back guarantee, uses off-the-shelf parts, ships all urgent parts from their Ohio warehouse and provides dependable free technical support.