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Gurtler Industries

Since its inception, the goal of Gurtler Industries’ Founder and Chairman, William W. Gurtler, has been not only to meet industry standards, but also to set them. Greg Gurtler, as the President of Gurtler, joins his father in maintaining this tradition of excellence. Gurtler’s national headquarters and research center is located in the Midwest with distribution points across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Their programs are uniquely designed to support all segments of the laundry industry, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial Uniform
  • Shirt Laundries
  • Textile Rental

Gurtler’s success has been built upon their expertise in field service. Gurtler is dedicated to maintaining excellence within their organization and sharing that commitment with their customers. Both Bill and Greg Gurtler have made their personal commitment to quality, service, and to their employees and customers—the basic fabric of Gurtler Industries. That is what has made Gurtler’s reputation what it is today.

Contact: 15475 South LaSalle Street South Holland, IL 60473 Phone: 708.331.2550 800.638.7300 Fax:   708.331-9087   For more information visit their web site at:  http://www.gurtler.com