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JENSEN Express/Blanket Feeding and Folding System

JENSEN’s Express/Blanket is a high production blanket feeding and folding system. With production figures up to 1,000 pieces per hour, this system can eliminate a huge bottleneck in any laundry.

The JENSEN Express/Blanket consists of our Jenfeed Express Uno, Duo, or Trio (1, 2 or 3-station) cornerless spreader/feeder and a Jenfold Blanket single-lane folder/crossfolder making up to two-lateral folds and up to three crossfolds in both bath and thermal blankets. Available working widths are 120” and 130”.

The simple, yet exceptionally rugged designed Jenfeed Express is appreciated by both production management and maintenance departments alike. Its high performance capabilities, coupled with a high level of uptime allow for consistant productivity.

The Jenfold Blanket is based upon a highly proven multi-decade design. The lateral folds are made via programmable high or low air pressures. The first crossfold is made via knife blade, the second crossfold is made via reverse belting and an ariblast, and the third crossfold is made via reverse belting and a knife blade. This lateral and crossfolding method produces and exceptional finished product. Add a Viking 2000 Large Piece Separator and a Jenstack Maxstack large piece stacker and conveyor to complete the system.

Consider this – we cannot expect employees to meet given production requirements if we do not provide them the proper tools and environment in which to be successful. The future is here today – it is time to step into the 21st century.

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