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JENSEN Free-Standing Tumbler Dryers

JENSEN’s free-standing, fully insulated tumbler dryers have compact dimensions that allow a placement in very tight spaces in side by side configuration, saving room for other operations. They are available in 20 kg (45 lb), 40 kg (90 lb) 60 kg (125 lb) and 110 kg (250 lb).

The fully insulated machine with a constant two-way rotation phases programmable makes efficient use of heating and air flow transferring heat to the drying process by the specially designed large transfer and heating medium.

An ingenious cool down-process makes sure that an even cool down happens with fresh air flap which reduces total cycle time. Wide hatch, sliding doors enable a fast loading and unloading. Thanks to the high volume filter, the tumbler dryers can produce with no interruptions, making it a high-performer.

The machines are ergonomic and feature easy operation with a lint filter that can be easily removed with the easy-to-access door panel with inbuilt viewing window.

Even from a distance, operators get an instant overview of the machine status with the smart indicator light showing machine status.  All service and maintenance is possible from the front and rear of the machine.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  JENSEN


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