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JENSEN Inwatec Automated Handling and Sorting

JENSEN Inwatec Automated Handling and Sorting is the ergonomically safe method to automate the handling and sorting of garments and linens


  • The Freyj.Buffer can be individually designed according to customer needs (length, height, side panels, speed) and has a compact footprint.
  • The THOR Robot Separator is optimal for feeding scanner systems at high speed. It helps to automate soiled side sorting processes and reduces the risk of cut and needle injuries. With the use of modern 3D cameras and advanced software, the best gripping areas of the garments are detected automatically. This results in high efficiency and very good separation of textiles. With this machine, you increase your efficiency and remove manual processes from your production!
  • The HEIMDAL unit, with its integrated RFID readers, is able to recognize different kinds of laundry items and RFID chip standards. The three different types of RFID chips respectively need a different chip-reading method. RFID systems generally differ by the frequency band within which they operate: low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF).
  • The HEIMDAL unit can read LF, HF as well as UHF. Our HEIMDAL.RFID identification can be set up to include either one of the antennas, but can also combine the three antennas to ultimately read chips with all three frequencies. A conveyor within the HEIMDAL.RFID system transfers the items through the machine. Additionally, to using RFID identification for the respective sorting of laundry items, Inwatec developed the HEIMDAL.Camera identification, which recognizes colors of laundry items. With that, garments are sorted regarding their color match.
  • With the ODIN X-Ray Machine, foreign elements will no longer destroy laundry articles or machinery. Elements in laundry articles, such as pens, needles, paper clips, hair needles or lipsticks are detected automatically. The basic version of the machine includes inlet conveyor, X-ray and reject. Our ODIN X-ray machine can be combined in many different ways, e.g. with an automatic sorting machine.
  • The BIFROST.2 is the perfect solution for the automatic sorting of different soiled laundry items like work wear, linen, mops, rags, etc. based on weight control. The sorting can happen into trolleys, carts or silos. Manual sorting and transportation is replaced and not necessary anymore! The BIFRÖST.2 Automatic Sorting machine increases efficiency, improves logistics and saves labor costs.

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