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JENSEN JBW Series Barrier Washer/Extractors

JENSEN’s barrier washer/extractors can be used to achieve hygienic conditions.

A barrier washer/extractor ensures the most reliable protection from spreading germs and bacteria, as it avoids any contamination of the linen by providing maximum disinfection. The washer extractor is designed to be installed into the wall, which provides the loading of the linen on the soil side and unloading on the clean side.

Maximum flexibility:
With the range of 13 machines of different load sizes and implementations, the JENSEN Barrier Washer/Extractors can meet individual requirements. Volumes can be easily adapted when the business grows. The JENSEN Barrier washer/extractors (JBW) can process volumes of 35, 57, 77, 84, 100, 140, 185, 265, 310, 375, 440 and 510 lb., in a 2 or 3-pocket design.

Cost optimization:
All machines are designed to offer the highest quality of washing with minimum water, energy and chemical consumption. Thanks to the design having minimal space between the outer and inner drum, the amount of free water is remarkably low. This allows for a rapid temperature rise of the water, while keeping the water, energy, and chemical consumption very low. The option of the Automatic Weighing System optimizes the loading of the linen and enables the automatic adjustment of water and liquid chemical consumptions according to the weight. The processing costs can be reduced by up to 50%. An extra reduction in consumption is possible with the Water Recycling System.

Highest productivity:
All machines are available with steam and/or electric heating. The extremely high G factor exceeds 375 G minimizing residual moisture retention and dry times. The water consumption is reduced 1.56 gal/lb according to SIST EN Standard measurements.

Full process control:
Laundries can set up specifically desired washing programs with customized cycle times, water levels, temperatures and extract speeds, allowing a variety of linen types and volumes to be processed. The numerical controller on smaller types of machines offers 10 standard factory programs and up 50 programs to choose, and the industrial color touch screen controller offers the customer 250 programs and the choice of 15 languages.

Robust design:
All parts of the machine that come in direct contact with water are made of top quality AISI 304 stainless steel or optional AISI 316 for Clean Room installations. JBW Series Barrier Washer/Extractors (except JBW35) are made with air-bag suspension, which provides maximum absorption of vibration and is lowering the ground and laundry construction load. There is no need for extra lubricating or maintaining the bearings. The machine housing is made from quality pre-coated material or stainless steel AISI 304.

Safety operation and maximum ergonomics:
JENSEN Barrier Washer/Extractors are designed to ensure maximum safety of the operation and at the same time a user-friendly use of the machine. A wide selection of options, such as a second display for monitoring the clean-side process Automatic Weighing System for loading and consumption optimization 4th water inlet, 2nd drain valve for recycling, water and PH sensometers, Globe by Gotli Labs Software System and many more, are offering a complete adjustment of the machine to the requirements of a specific user. The width of the outer drum door enables an ergonomic loading and unloading of the linen. The mechanical brake structure is extremely powerful and designed especially for inner drum positioning that stops in 7 seconds time from highest spin to zero in case of emergency stop. The mechanism lock guarantees safe and easy use. For the large capacity machines, the robustness of the safety mechanism is even more evident. For all load sizes, the handling was designed with the operator’s needs in mind: the handling can be done in a safe and user-friendly way. The two and three compartment inner drum is designed with the optimum angle to enable fast and easy loading and unloading of the linen. On all machines, the outer drum door can be automatically locked and unlocked. Automatic locking and unlocking of outer drum door is present on all machines.

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