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JENSEN Katana Large Piece Folder/Crossfolder with Inline Stackers

JENSEN Katana Large Piece Folder/Crossfolder with Inline Stackers highlights:

  • High-speed folder combining air-blast and knife folds
  • Cross fold by reversing conveyors and stackers with fast direct drive motors
  • Minimum downtime thanks to easy access for service
  • Minimum floor space required thanks to the positioning of the inline stackers below the cross fold section
  • 4, 5 or 6 inline stackers possible depending on the working width
  • High capacity and high folding quality for thick and thin linen
  • Up to 3 lateral folds and 3 cross folds possible depending on model and options
  • Various folding patterns possible thanks to the 3 cross fold stations incorporating reversing conveyors and a knife
  • Available for 1, 2 and combined 1&2 lane operation
  • Open design with easy access to all vital areas
  • The cross fold section for cross fold 2 & 3 is positioned at the side of the machine allowing easy access for service
  • Reversing conveyors are hinged allowing easy access in case of a jam
  • No chains and drive belts thanks to direct drive motors for the cross fold and stackers
  • Easy to use HMI with multi-language facilities and an option for remote system service


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