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JENSEN L-Tron Washer/Extractors

The JENSEN L-Tron series washer extractors are designed for strength and durability, with over 20-years of proven experience. No other washer extractor available on the market today can match its ruggedness and life-cycle. The L-Tron is available in 450 lb. and 800 lb. capacities, with loading capacities ranging from 300 lbs. to 1,200 lbs., depending upon soil level and/or product classification. They are designed for either stand-alone operation, or to work as part of a semi-automated or fully automated wash aisle.

In stand-alone operation, the L-Tron can be manually sling loaded or hand loaded. For a more ergonomic sling loading process, add the optional Load Assist (as shown in the photo). In semi-automated or fully-automated operation, the L-Tron can be loaded via monorail system, shuttle conveyor, or stationary conveyor. The L-Tron can be outfitted with either a large door with an observation window or the AutoPro loading hopper. The AutoPro design allows for fast loading times – AS FAST AS 1-MINUTE.

Standard design features include touch screen PLC controls, Powerful single motor variable frequency drive with extract speeds up to 300 G’s, Hydraulic tilt – 25 degree loading and 21 degree unloading, Ratio-metric washing, Dual drain, Air bag suspension, Patented intelligent balancing system, and Maintenance watchdogs. Incorporate our Futurail monorail loading or an L-Tron Shuttle Conveyor, and an L-Tron DTX Series tumbler dryer to maximize your throughput.

For more information visit the company’s web site:  JENSEN

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