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JENSEN Large Capacity Dryers

JENSEN offers a variety of large capacity dryers ranging from our DT series batch system dryers in 130 lb. to 520 lb. capacities, to their DTX series stand-alone/system dryers in 450 lb. and 800 lb. capacities. JENSEN’s DTX pictured here.

One of the most popular of either series is the DT140 batch system dryer with a capacity of up to 300 lbs. The DT140 features direct-drive technology, frequency controlled basket speed, a modulating gas valve on the burner system, mirror image design, a high basket volume, as well as an extremely well insulated and sealed basket housing. The combination of heat generation, air conduction, basket geometry and insulation results in an optimal heat distribution in the basket and the best possible air flow through the linen, while maintaining low radiant heat and noise levels.

Possible loading methods are via a shuttle conveyor, sling/bag via stationary or shuttle conveyor, or via a JENSEN VacuTrans system, which allows for an extremely efficient loading via the dryer’s loading or unloading door. The dryer is maintenance friendly with hatches in the fan housing for quick inspections and easy cleaning. In order to be able to access the drum with ease, the entire loading wall can be swung aside after loosening only a few screws.

The lint filtration system is built-in, with easy access for cleaning and maintenance. JENSEN offers a decentralized version with a separate container at each dryer and a centralized version large container for various dryers.

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