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JENSEN – Meeting Industry Demands

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – JENSEN USA has added new hours to meet weekend demands for their Parts Department because equipment does not just operate Monday through Friday and customers may get caught up on Preventative Maintenance procedures on Saturday.

For customers who may have the need for an Emergency Parts Delivery and cannot wait for Monday shipment to be delivered Tuesday morning, JENSEN USA will be offering a Premium Saturday Parts Service. Their Parts Department will be staffed from 8:00am to 2:00pm (Eastern Time) on Saturdays to handle emergency parts shipments for small packages (75 lbs. or less).

Since the Main Office and switchboard will be closed, customers can only access the Parts Department on Saturday by calling this special number (704-232-4997) during the times listed above. This line will ring directly to the Parts Department and the staff member on duty will handle requests. Please note this number is only answered on Saturdays during the time listed above, and will not be monitored any other day.

When submitting an order, customers will need to provide a Purchase Order (no credit cards accepted on Saturdays), and a phone number and contact person to be alerted if an issue is encountered with the shipment when dropped off at the Delta Dash Counter or with either UPS or FedEx. Customers will have two delivery options from which to choose: Delta Dash when flights from Panama City are available or Next Day Air which means packages will be delivered by either UPS or FedEx on Monday. Depending on the delivery option chosen, a premium processing fee will be added to an emergency order in addition to the normal parts price and freight charges.

There are limits and restrictions to this service: only emergency orders that are called into the special Parts Department phone number will be processed (website & faxed orders will not be processed). Jensen must have the part in stock in their Panama City facility. It cannot require programming or fabrications prior to shipment. All packages are limited in weight to 75 lbs. and overall dimensions to a 16x16x16 cardboard container including packing materials. Delivery will be limited to drop-off times set by the courier service provider.

JENSEN USA’s efforts to extend operating hours are one way they show that they understand the demands of our industry.

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For more information, visit the company’s website: Jensen