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JENSEN Order-Intake Reaches Pre-COVID Levels

BURGDORF, SWITZERLAND — The JENSEN-GROUP recently reported a 2021 revenue increase of 6% over 2020, in addition to an increase in order-intake, according to a news release.

“This success in the new normal reaffirms our strategy of having local representation in all major markets and maintaining all in-person points of sale and service with our worldwide customer base,” said CEO Jesper Munch Jensen, JENSEN-GROUP.

Given that the overall level of activity and the difficulties the world faced in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Group is very satisfied with the 2021 results, according to the release. The Covid-19 limitations imposed on tourism and travel particularly affect the Group’s level of activities in the hospitality business as many customers continue to reduce or close down parts of their operations. Most of the nascent recovery in the healthcare and industrial laundry industries was made in Europe and North America.

Investments for the future

The cooperation with Inwatec that started in 2018 has developed very positively, resulting in a number of impressive reference installations around the globe, the release added. The company foresees a growing demand for its THOR automated soil sort solutions using robotics and AI. In March 2021, the JENSEN-GROUP increased its shareholding in Inwatec ApS from 30% to 70%. Further investments were made by JENSEN China that acquired the land rights and the buildings in Xuzhou, where its 215,000 sq. ft. (20’000 m2) factories are located.

Also in 2021, JENSEN-GROUP completed a year-long expansion of its Swedish plant, doubling capacity in material handling products and services. The expansion enables JENSEN Sweden to meet the booming demands for hygiene, labor solutions, and uniform garment processing in the healthcare and garment processing laundry industry.


Looking towards the future, the release stated: “We will continue to focus on customer centricity and sustainable innovation through new product development in our factories and through our cooperation with and participation in Inwatec. We start 2022 with a substantial order backlog. In 2021, the JENSEN-GROUP received 345 MEUR (380 MUSD at today’s rate) of orders, a 54% increase over last year’s order intake and the second highest order intake in history. We are positive about the future, although we remain prudent: Scarcity in the availability of electronic components, supply chain issues, and important price increases may impact our business also in the foreseeable future.”

We thank our customers for their continued trust and loyalty, and look forward to serving them also in the future. We strive to meet their expectations in terms of productivity and innovation, cost, reliability and service, and reduced environmental impact by means of our sustainable products and solutions.”


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