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JENSEN Universal Batch Tunnel Washer

PANAMA CITY, Fla. –The unique concept of the JENSEN Universal batch tunnel washers has now been further improved with JENSEN QuickSoak and FlexRinse. QuickSoak provides a very efficient and precise soaking effect – it’s shear physics.

JENSEN QuickSoak offers faster soaking in the first compartment, higher mechanical action, faster soil removal, and an improved distribution of chemicals – in short, a better wash quality with higher productivity. Beaters take water from the bottom of the drum and lift it up during the reversing action. The water pours down through perforations on both sides of the beaters. This improves the mixing of water and chemicals, leads to a better distribution in the batch and takes floating items under water! The beaters are integrated in the first compartment of the tunnel washer. No extra maintenance or utilities are required. FlexRinse provides total batch integrity by applying batch exchanges on all modules. This allows for colors and whites to be run back-to-back without the concern of color carryover.

For more information:  JENSEN’s Washroom Technology


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