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JENSEN Small Capacity Washer Extractor

JENSEN’s free-standing, high-spin washer extractors have compact dimensions that allow a placement in very tight spaces, saving room for other operations. The minimum drum spacing between outer drum allows for fast heating and reduces the energy and water consumption to a minimum for the process desired.  They are available in 20 kg (45 lb), 40 kg (90 lb) 60 kg (125 lb) and 110 kg (250 lb).

Features of JENSEN’s washer extractor’s include high-capacity butterfly valve inlets speed up the cycle time, 12 preset programs installed with up to a total of 99 programs, with customized cycle times, water levels, temperatures, and spin speeds, allowing a variety of linen types and volumes to be processed and a well-thought-out and simple design coupled with the use of advanced materials that ensure longevity and a cost-efficient operation over the life cycle of the machine.  The machines provide operational ease with a wide-swing large loading door and the conical drum face facilitates the loading and unloading. Safety aspects have been paid close attention to with an automatic latch and an accelerometer-based spin control unit. The operator gets an instant overview of the machine status with the smart indicator light that can be observed from large distances.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  JENSEN

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