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JENSEN Turnus Flatwork Separator

The JENSEN Turnus Flatwork Separator is fast, simple and versatile separator for flatwork


  • Delivers between 1500 and 3000 pieces per hour.
  • Fast and easy for the operators to separate and pick up, eg. from a supply conveyor.
  • Free-up tumbler capacity as the Turnus separator can separate broken press cakes coming directly from the press.
  • Press cakes can be broken by means of simple conveyors using the “waterfall” principle.
  • Handles small, medium and large piece linen.
  • Can be used for flatwork and towels.
  • Delivers the linen onto a conveyor or into a trolley according to model and options.
  • Very few moving parts.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Easy to use HMI with multi-language facilities and an option for remote system service.


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  JENSEN

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