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JENSEN USA Launches Regional Service Vans

As the first service van departed from the JENSEN USA factory, it was not only on its way to fulfill a service call – it also fulfills JENSEN’s latest commitment to elevate its service by introducing a stronger regional presence within key parts of North America, according to a news release .

“The goal is to bring us even closer to our customers,” explains Tony Biela, the President of JENSEN USA. “We have launched a new spare parts website and phone app, making spare parts easier to purchase. We stock over 4,700 spare parts locally, for the shortest possible delivery times. And now, we have several new regional service engineers along with a new fleet of service vehicles.”

The van’s inaugural trip was to Central Florida after which it will continue to drive around the southeast region making service calls. By the end of the year, JENSEN plans to operate at least five such regional service vans, with more plans for future expansion in 2025.