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JENSEN’s Jenfeed Express Feeder

The JENSEN Jenfeed Express is a high-volume feeder developed for fast feeding of sheets for the healthcare sector, with special focus on optimizing capacity per operator hour.

The cornerless feeding principle was introduced by JENSEN in 1994, and is doubles the productivity per operator hour compared to clamp feeding. Furthermore, the design creates a built-in buffer for several pieces allowing new pieces to be fed into the feeding bill while others are in a transfer position, thus reducing the machine cycle time.

The Jenfeed Express is available in a 2 and 3-station design, allowing for up to 1,800 pieces per hour. The Jenfeed Express is designed with maximum operator ergonomics in mind, as well as the simplicity and ease of maintenance for the laundry’s engineering staff.

For more information: JENSEN Flatwork Systems


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