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JENSEN’s Jenfold Rapid Pro

PANAMA CITY,  Fla. — JENSEN’s Jenfold Rapid Pro is a simple, high capacity (200 ft/min) and compact small piece folder for tumbled terry and healthcare products such as terry towels, pillowcases, scrub tops and bottoms, patient and ISO gowns, and incontinent pads.

The primary fold is made as a 1/3 fold (French fold) – up to 40“ x 74“. The items are folded in motion by air blasts folding the piece with a horizontal movement across an adjustable template ensuring a quality fold, yet maintaining a high speed, allowing a very high potential throughput.

The cross folds can be made as 1/4, 1/2 or 1/3 (French Fold). The crossfolds are performed with a knife between pinch rollers. Folded items are stacked in predetermined numbers on a climbing conveyor positioned under the machine. The climbing conveyor brings the stack up to an ergonomically correct unloading position at the back of the machine. A Return-To-Feeder design is also available.

For more information:  JENSEN Flatwork Systems

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