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JENSEN Linen Transportation

Complete linen handling and transportation is available with JENSEN Futurail Monorail Systems and JENSEN Jenway Automated Conveying Systems.

Whether it be for soil or clean linen transporting, Jensen has the solution. With the size of processed loads continuing to increase, JENSEN Futurail Monorail Systems continue to grow with the market. Their rail and trolleys are designed to perform under such strenuous conditions.

JENSEN Futurail rail is made of 100% cold-rolled stainless steel for improved reliability, longer life, and is corrosion resistant. Their trolleys are made of ¼“ pressed steel and feature a heavy-duty plastic wheel that is easily replaced (as well as the bearings), offers quiet operation, prolonged rail life, and reduced maintenance cost. JENSEN Futurail also offers vacuum transporting and sorting systems, clean linen transport systems, as well as its patented Rail Cleaner, which is a fully automatic device that runs continuously to ensure that the running surfaces of the rail are kept clean.Jenway_008

Also, JENSEN offers the Jenway Automated Conveyor Transportation Systems which allows for the conveying of clean goods from the flatwork finishing areas to the cart make-up area without the need for human intervention. The JENSEN Jenway Automated Conveying System incorporates the automatic discharge of stacked goods onto the clean belt conveyor, conveys those goods to the cart make-up area and can sort the stacks by category or linen type; all without the need for human hands to move or sort the stacks of goods.

Whatever the requirement, JENSEN-GROUP has the solution.

For more information on Jensen’s linen transportation offerings:  JENSEN’s Material Handling

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