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JENSEN’s New Perspectives for Finishing (Part 3)

Jensen’s New Perspectives for finishing.

The greatest and most spectacular innovations can be seen in the centerpiece of each and every laundry – the finishing section. High customer expectations and fierce competition on prices call for greater flexibility and cost efficiency. With the new developments for the finishing section, it is not a case of quality versus quantity, but rather quality plus quantity.

One of the highlights for the flatwork section is the new Jenroll Hybrid ironer that offers 5-star ironing quality without tape marks at a speed of up to 50 meter/165 feet per minute or more, allowing the laundry to use it for fast ironing of flatwork for the healthcare sector, or for top-quality ironing for the hospitality sector. The Jenroll Hybrid is a space-saving solution combining a flexible chest section of 1200 mm/48” diameter and a calendar section comprising 3 rolls of 800 mm/32” diameter, ensuring top-quality ironing in the first section, followed by a final drying of the linen in the calendar section without leaving any tape marks in the linen. The Jenroll Hybrid concept is unique in the market, and presented to the American customers for the first time at Clean Show 2017.

Jenfeed Express Plus – the world´s fastest feeder of sheets using cornerless feeding stations – has been developed from handling only single sheets, to now include King sheets. By introducing a vacuum box to the Jenfeed Express, not only the size of products to be handled has increased, but also the feeding quality has increased, allowing feeding of all sizes of sheets for the healthcare sector. The Jenfeed Express Plus can also be used to increase PPOH in the hospitality sector thanks to the cornerless feeding principle which doubles the feeding capacity per operator compared to conventional feeding into clamps. The Jenfeed Express Plus is shown in combination with the Jenfold Classic SW and Jenstack Max SW supplied with the “Express” options, allowing to process up to 1800 healthcare single sheets per hour in 1-lane operation with 3 operators only.

Another eye-catcher at Clean ’17 was the JENSEN Evolution Cube – a fully automatic separator and feeder of towels developed for the Jenfold Tematic Pro towel folder. The JENSEN Evolution Cube now reaches an average production of up to 600 towels per hour, allowing fully automatic separation, feeding, folding and sorting of different sizes of towels in combination with the Jenfold Tematic Pro. The Jenfold Tematic Pro can also be operated manually, and features the brand new “AutoSelect” program, allowing the machine to automatically select the folding program according to the size of the towel. The new “AutoSelect” allows the operator to feed up to 1200 towels of mixed sizes per hour.

JENSEN also showed the Jenfeed Logic Plus. The Jenfeed Logic Plus is the ultimate multi-purpose feeder featuring the “Logic” concept – introduced by JENSEN in 1992. The Jenfeed Logic Plus was introduced at the Detergo show in 2006, and celebrated 10 years anniversary at the Frankfurt show last year, now reaching a record sale of 1000 machines since the introduction. The Jenfeed Logic Plus features the new “EasyClamp” at the loading stations, allowing the operator to clip corners fast and easily into the clamps. Furthermore, as an option, it can be supplied with the brand new and unique “AutoReject” Concorde delivery conveyor with vacuum, which automatically rejects thick pieces before entering the ironer.

Automation is the general topic of the finishing lines, combining automatic separation by the world’s fastest separator – the JENSEN Viking 2000 Automatic, followed by automatic feeding of flatwork to the operators by a conveyor system delivering the linen between the operators for easy pick-up and feeding. The completion of automation is ensured by fully automatic scanning of the flatwork by the Jenscan MPS.

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