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JENSEN’s New Perspectives for the Washroom Part 2

JENSEN unveiled many ‘New Perspectives’ during the recent Clean Show. Part 1 of this article looked at Sorting and Handling.

Today we’ll take a look at JENSEN’s New Perspectives for the Washroom.

JENSEN revolutionized the market with the Senking Universal tunnel washer, a versatile tunnel washer that reuses energy and water internally. The combination of processing the greatest variety of linen types while keeping consumption at extremely low levels is now tuned to perfection with QuickSoak, EcoSafeguard and EcoTune to reach higher levels of operational efficiency. QuickSoak gives an extra shower for the linen in the first compartment for maximum soaking and drenching, achieving best wash performance and highest productivity. EcoSafeguard is the automatic monitoring and logging of pH and conductivity value as well as water hardness and ensures a higher quality assurance in the laundry, with more satisfied customers and higher productivity. EcoTune completes the tuning concept: A rotary encoder for individual swiveling angles and the water level control in double drums form EcoTune and improve wash quality, provide less wear and tear, and generate lower energy consumption.

Modern laundries gave the input for the further development of the SEP 120 SHD. This water extraction press is always the right choice for efficient, reliable, user-friendly and durable water extraction. Thanks to a stronger and improved design, the SEP 120 SHD offers a safe and reliable operation. The new reinforced post design and the unloading conveyor ensure a smooth production at high speed. The new generation of SEP presses offer a shorter ROI and an extended lifetime of the press cushion, thanks to the level monitoring with AutoRefill Function.

With the development of the new DT 140 Plus dryer “Made in the USA, Made for the USA”, JENSEN is living up to its promise to think globally and act locally. JENSEN USA has engineered its bestselling dryer with the new “Plus” for the North American market. The new “Plus” is technically a “Minus”, as it reduces the energy consumption tremendously. Field tests have shown that it consumes 1500 – 1650 Btu/Lb (0,97 – 1,07 kWh/ltr) of water removed. The 10% higher water evaporation results in faster dry cycle times. Another “Plus” is the improved maintenance friendly design with an advanced filter design and relocation of the lint screen for easier access.

Three new developments were recently added to the JENSEN product offering for the washroom section: First of all, the JENSEN stand-alone washer extractors and tumble dryers, JWE and JTD. They are a perfect complement to increase the laundry’s flexibility towards their end-customers by offering the best solution, all under the JENSEN brand. Available in load sizes of 45, 90, 130 or 250 lbs (20, 40, 60 or 110 kg), the new JWE and JTD were designed with a focus on quality, optimization and increased operational efficiency.

Secondly, the new JBW barrier washer extractors was a world premier in Las Vegas. The new barrier washer extractor ensures the most reliable protection from spreading germs and bacteria, as it avoids any contamination of the linen by providing maximum disinfection. The washer extractor is designed to be installed into the wall, which provides the loading of the linen on the soil side and unloading on the clean side. Load sizes range from 35 to 510 lbs (16 to 230 kg). Its unique HMSS – Hygiene Monitoring Software System – may be the deciding factor for laundries serving hospitals with highest hygiene standards.

Stay tuned for more of JENSEN’s New Perspectives.

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