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JENSEN’s Viking Sheet Separator

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – Maximize your ergonomics and productivity with the Viking 2000 – JENSEN’s high-volume large piece separator. Its proven performance eliminates the hard work of separating healthcare or hospitality sheets, as well as bath and thermal blankets before the feeding operators.  This improves the ergonomics, increases the production flow, and ultimately increases productivity.

Special focus is placed on optimizing capacity per operator hour in a very small footprint. The Viking’s incredibly simple and reliable “picking” principle was introduced by JENSEN in the 1990’s.

The Viking 2000 can be loaded via a cart, overhead rail system, or a conveyor, and can discharge either into a cart or onto a conveyor that can feed the goods directly to the spreader/feeder operators. This maximizes the ergonomics and provides a consistent flow of linen to the ironing systems.

With a production capacity of up to 2,200 sheets per hour, the possibility of one Viking supporting two ironing lines exists.  The JENSEN Viking can be sling-loaded, manually-loaded, or conveyor-loaded.  The JENSEN Viking 2000 is designed with maximum operator ergonomics in mind, as well as the simplicity and ease of maintenance for the laundry’s engineering staff.

For more information:  JENSEN Viking 2000

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