Kannegiesser ETECH’s EMT/EMQ Synchro: Ergonomic Feeding Stations

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — Kannegiesser ETECH’s EMT Synchro with three feeding stations and EMQ Synchro with four feeding stations are built for ease of operation. Both models are able to process a range of large and small articles in one and two lane modes.

For large items such as table cloths or heavy duvet covers, each feeding station can be individually adjusted to the operator’s height preference. The ergonomic clamps allow the operator to guide the laundry article into the clamp in a natural movement thus minimizing muscle strain on the operator’s arms and back.

The upper section can be raised for manually feeding small items directly onto the table belts which are equipped with a vacuum holding function. The table height can be adjusted guaranteeing an ergonomic feeding position.

All of the control panels are conveniently located within easy reach of the operators. Each feeding station has controls directly above the clamps and an easily accessible master control panel at the front of the machine that can operate the total ironer line.

The technology behind the Synchro Clamp provides controlled transfer of items onto the vacuum belt. The large surface of the clamping area holds the item securely during the spreading process. The width of each item is continuously measured ensuring gentle spreading and a short cycle time.

For  more information, visit the company’s website:  Kannegiesser ETECH