Kannegiesser ETECH at Clean

The 2019 Clean Show in New Orleans was a tremendous success for the Kannegiesser ETECH team.   Kannegiesser ETECH is the North American arm of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH of Vlotho Germany.

During the four-day show, a large number of customers visited the booth interacting with our team.  As a company with a global presence, Kannegiesser representatives from all over the world were on hand to greet our guests and introduce them to the Integrated World of Automated Laundry Systems.  All exhibited machinery was shown in working demonstration mode.  These demonstrations allowed our visitors to see in action the latest innovations for laundries in terms of high production throughput, operator ergonomics, and finishing quality.  Additionally, these individual machines were show as integrated systems which allow the synchronization of material flow and data flow for the highest overall throughput in a laundry.

Looking forward

In the future, laundry operators must be able to increase throughput of linen and uniform production,  while controlling the input costs of direct labor, energy, water and other fixed and variable costs. In the hyper competitive business environment that we are in today, a laundry operator must differentiate their products to their end users by having better quality, more reliable deliveries at more competitive price than their competitors.  By using integrated production systems, Kannegiesser helps operators create that competitive advantage.

Clean Show Exhibits

One example of this shown in the Kannegiesser ETECH booth, centered on mixed terry toweling being transported within the laundry, separately identified, fed and folded into type specific stacks all without human interaction.  This is possible with the “RFT” robotic towel feeding system for the completely automatic feeding of the XFM Speedline towel folder.  The booth had a large, fully operational monorail linen distribution system which automatically delivered the right linens, to the right operation in the right time.  This was all controlled by the company’s state of the art eVue Control software.

Development Prospects

By seeing these demonstrations in action, the visitors to the Kannegiesser ETECH booth were inspired to look at innovations and improvements to their own laundry operations.  The business climate is ideal at the present time for operators to move forward with reinvestments in their own laundries that will drive competitive advantages in their respective markets.

The worldwide Kannegiesser team would like to thank the many visitors to our booth at the 2019 Clean Show in New Orleans.  We look forward to our continuing partnerships with our customers in creating better laundries which in turn will make for a better overall industry.

Pictured above is Katherine Edmundson showing how easy it is to feed a Kannegiesser machine while her father, Donnie Edmunson watches.


For more information, visit the ccompany’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH