Kannegiesser ETECH PowerTrans Batch Washing System

The Kannegiesser ETECH PowerTrans Batch Washing System is the workhorse for any laundry. The modern batch washer, which combines flexibility, performance and lowest consumption figures, is a tunnel washer “designed for all purposes.” Capabilities are very adaptable; it can wash large linen volumes as well as more specific individual applications with batch sizes ranging from 90 – 285 lbs. Production capacities between 550 lbs and 11,000 lbs an hour are possible with the high performance PowerTrans.

With its superior mechanical action, the PowerTrans sets the benchmark for minimizing utility consumption. The large wall-to-wall ribs lift and drop the linen for maximum compression to bolster the wash liquor deep into the fibers so less incoming water is needed; two (2) standard water recovery tanks guarantee intelligent water management; the standard insulated drums minimize heat loss; and Carewash drum perforation is gentle on textiles.

Rinse options include counterflow rinsing, standing bath rinsing and JET-rinsing. Counterflow rinsing is a classic application for a mainly similar linen mix. Standing bath rinsing increases the output and drastically reduces the number of empty compartments even with an incompatible linen (e.g. numerous different colors) mix. JET-rinsing within the extraction unit enables drastic reductions of energy, water and chemical consumption. JET-rinsing combines washing, rinsing and extracting into one unit through either pressing (JET-press) or spinning (JET-centrifuge).

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