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Kannegiesser ETECH’s XMT Tunnel Finisher

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS — Kannegiesser ETECH’s Series XMT Tunnel Finisher is a true ‘wet to dry’ garment finisher that allows customers to finish items directly from their extractor unit in a high quality fashion. In addition, without needing to full dry the garments in a conventional dryer, the gas consumptions are approximately reduced by 25% using the XMT. This also creates additional drying capacity in your dryers for other laundry items as all garments would be bypassed straight to the XMT. On average, the XMT uses approximately 33% less energy than conventional tunnel finishers by the patented energy and air flow recycling within the machine.

• Garments can be finished during the entire cycle process with excellent finish quality and reduced energy consumption
• Energy saving counter flow principle (garments are transported against the airflow)
• Available in gas heated or steam heated models
• Alternating air nozzles put the hangers in a twist for higher finish quality and evenly distributed heat
• New design “turbo jets” increase the circulation rate of air through the garments
• Fully programmable settings allow the XMT to adjust the speed and heat according to the article type

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH


Visit Kannegiesser ETECH at Clean ’19 Booth # 3021