Kannegiesser ETECH’s Automated Transportation System

Kannegiesser ETECH’s Garment Processing line handles a complete range of garments – from simple items such as basic scrub shirts and healthcare gowns to more difficult to process items like coveralls and protective work wear with reflective coatings. Each garment type has a specifically defined finishing process after washing, which include tunnel finishing, pressing, sorting, automatic folding or distribution on wire hangers. All of these processes are efficiently completed by moving through the automated Kannegiesser ETECH transportation system.

Garment Processing with a Sorting System

With a sorting system, garments are manually placed on hangers at ergonomic, height adjustable feeding stations. Every article is identified by plain writing, a barcode, or an RFID chip. At the hanger loading stations these articles are identified and input on the operator panel, scanned by a barcode scanner or scanned by an RFID antenna. The hangers are previously identified in the system by another antenna which reads the RFID chip embedded in the hanger. These two codes (article code and hanger code) are now combined to the article information in the data base. This data “marriage” ensures that the item is read and tracked throughout the whole garment system.

The articles are transported by a storage conveyor from the hanger loading stations to a Kannegiesser ETECH X-MT tunnel finisher. With this transport conveyor there is a constant feeding of the tunnel finisher.

Kannegiesser ETECH’s XMT Tunnel Finisher

Kannegiesser ETECH’s XMT garment finishing tunnel utilizes a counter air flow principle resulting in excellent finishing quality with a reduced energy input. Twisting hangers coordinate with anti-parallel steam nozzles for an even finish that is gentler on fabric than conventional procedures. The XMT boasts 4 performance classes from 900 to 2,500 garments per hour. The new design includes “turbo jets” to increase the circulation rate of air with the same fan power as previous models.

Upon completion of the finishing process, the garments are fed to a further storage zone by means of the ascending conveyor. Behind this storage conveyor is the sorting system.

The sorted articles now are transported in the specifically required order as needed by the customer by means of a collecting conveyor. This collecting conveyor assigns them to the storage conveyor of a Kannegiesser ETECH FA-X folding robot or distribution on “one-way” hangers.

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