Kannegiesser’s Integrated Solutions Team

Eight months after the announcement that Kannegiesser had acquired E-Tech and formed “Kannegiesser ETECH”, the company has announced yet another exciting internal integration. The Integrated Solutions Team (IST) consists of Laundry Design Specialist and Project Managers who are dedicated to optimizing system designs and transitioning projects from sales to service.

“As we move into 2018 the focus will be on our aggressive growth plan and further integration of our systems and teams,” says Joseph Schult, VP-COO.  “With that said, I would like to introduce another exciting integrated team that really looks to provide a path not only for future growth but for a higher level of integrated solutions that we will offer to our customers.”


Kannegiesser ETECH’s Integrated Solutions Team


Dave Tannert, Director of Integrated Solutions

Tannert joined the Kannegiesser family as a Regional Sales Manager for the Western Region in 2012, and in 2015 accepted the role of Director of Operations. “Our Integrated Solutions Team will revolutionize our customer’s buying experience,” Tannert said. “We have a tremendous mix of talent and industry experience within our new department. Our mission will be to support our Sales Team in the design phase and then effectively transfer project knowledge through Project Management and to our Systems Performance Team.”


David Lindblom, Project Manager

Lindblom graduated North Dakota State University in 2005 with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  He then started work at E-Tech in Project Management where he spent days on the jobsite attending sales kickoff meetings, site surveys, managing installations crews and installing monorail and starting the systems up. Around 2009 his role changed as he was onsite testing and commissioning all the monorail projects. He worked closely with the programming department and helped streamline the commissioning process as well as eliminating the need for programmers to be onsite for the testing and commissioning phase. In 2015 after a 2 year pause from E-TECH he returned as the Scheduling and Installation Project Manager where he is responsible for all the project schedules and installation management for ETECH projects. He is also the point man for all customer communication with active ETECH projects.


Alan Kelly, Project Manager

Kelly graduated Texas A&M University in 2002 with a degree in Environmental Sciences and minor in Visualization. He spent his early career in architecture holding various positions from Draftsman, Project Manager, and Director of Operations, and worked with designing building completions of top companies such as Chick-fil-a, Old Chicago, La Quinta, Sonic, Hotel Zaza, and Doubletree. In 2009, Kelly left the architecture industry and opened his own financial company under a group called Spectrum Financial Group. Until until joining Kannegiesser USA in 2012, he focused on sales by helping clients and businesses make smart financial decisions. His current role as Project Manager for Kannegiesser ETECH was a true fit.


Roger Bourdeau, Project Manager

Bourdeau began in the laundry industry in 1983 with Colonial Linen System, purchased by Angelica in 1990 and started in production, moved into supervision, then joined the maintenance department in 1986 and found his niche. Roger eventually became Chief Engineer at Angelica, later to take the position of Regional Engineer in 2009. In that role he ran large scale equipment replacement projects for multiple plants, having engineering responsibility for 14 facilities east of the Mississippi River. He joined Kannegiesser in 2015 and has not looked back.


Adam Bezdicek, Laundry Design Specialist

Bezdicek began his career at E-Tech just over 12 years ago.  His first role was working in the shop with assembly and shipping, helping where it was needed.  After a year in the shop he accepted a drafting position working on production drawings for projects and helping engineering.  From drafting he moved to a project coordinator roll helping project management with drawings and coordination.  That role led him into his current position working as a Project Manager focused on the front-end coordination of projects.



Matt Wilson, Laundry Design Specialist

Matthew Wilson joined Kannegiesser ETECH as a Laundry Design Specialist in 2014. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following his graduation Wilson worked for two years as an Industrial Engineer for SCAFCO, a company who designs and manufactures grain storage systems. He then joined the United States Army in 2010 as an Engineering Officer and was stationed in Alaska for the next four years. It was upon his departure from the military he then moved to Texas and became a part of the Kannegiesser team.


Newly Caudle, Laundry Design Specialist

Caudle holds an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2005. After college, he worked for 4 years in Architecture and worked a  couple of years with Photovoltaics, designing solar arrays for an energy solutions company. In January of 2011, he responded to a job opening with Kannegiesser-USA, for a Laundry Design Specialist. Over the last seven years, he has learned the Kannegiesser line of equipment and has worked closely with Sales designing laundry systems and has also been very involved with the installation process of numerous projects.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH