Kannegiesser ETECH’s PowerDry: The Most Efficient Batch Dryer

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS — Kannegiesser ETECH’s PowerDry boasts efficiency, performance and energy savings in the drying process. The intelligent air recirculation construction allows the entire batch to be dried in a shorter time using 20% less energy than a standard batch dryer. The PowerDry is flexible enough to process a wide ranch of goods including cotton, blended fabrics, laminates and even micro fiber textiles.

Kannegiesser ETECH’s ECO2Power air recirculation concept decreases the amount of exhaust and inlet air throughout the drying process. Temperatures of the linen, supply air, and exhaust air are continuously measured then depending on the drying level of the goods, the majority of the exhaust air is recirculated by a separate exhaust flap. The recovered heated air stays within the process requiring less heat production by the atmospheric burner. The large opening of the outer shell and perforation pattern of the inner cylinder guarantees evenly distributed heat throughout the entire cylinder.

The PowerDry is designed for ease of maintenance. The blower fan blades are automatically cleaned by dedicated air nozzles. The fan easily swings out for manual care. Automatic lint collection and separation is a standard feature to drastically reduce cleaning intervals. An optional non-stick coating applied to the drum segments avoids the accumulation of thermoplastic items at high heat, reduces cleaning and maintenance, and supports the gentle movement of goods during the drying process.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH