Keep Laundry Covered With Tecni-Quip “Pass-Thru” Cart Covers

SEGUIN, TEXAS — “Pass-Thru” covers are becoming a popular and accepted method of covering linen when the cart is placed in healthcare facilities. The “Pass-Thru” overlapping strips allow staff to view inventory and extract while meeting the standards of keeping the cart covered at all times.

Cart covers manufactured by Tecni-Quip are now offered with optional “Pass-Thru” transparent front strips. This option is offered when buying a Tecni-Quip linen cart or when ordering cart covers for other brands of shelving and storage units.

A “Dual Cover” is also available for over the road situations, this method allows the cart to have both the accessibility of the “Pass-Thru” cover and also be sealed by an outer opaque 16oz. Vinyl flexible front cover with zippers for when in transit.cart-cover-2

Uniquely, individual “Pass-Thru” strips can be purchased when they are damaged or broken. Installation is easy and is a popular money saving option. Additionally, replacement “Pass- Thru” covers can be purchased for facilities that have Tecni-Quip linen carts. Tecni-Quip has a complete list of all carts ordered since 1964, and we can easily assist you in sizing a cover to fit your cart.

Ordering covers for your carts is easy from TQ! Our team of cart cover experts is available to answer your questions, provide measurement forms and provide a quotation at 800-826-1245 or

For more information, visit the company’s website at: TQ Industries