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Lapauw and Montanari Join Forces

Lapauw International N.V. announced that the company has signed a long term agreement with Montanari for the production and distribution of linen transport systems.

“We are extremely happy to announce this exciting partnership,” says Philippe D’heygere, president of Lapauw. “Montanari has an amazing track record: they have installations in over 600 laundries around the world, have installed over 600.000 km of overhead storage rails and over 150 km of conveyor belts. More than 1.000.000 tons of linen is daily moved on their systems!”

Montanari has been involved for decades in delivering high quality logistic systems and solutions such as linen sorting systems, overhead bag systems, conveyor belts, full supervision software systems, etc.

“The partnership with Lapauw is a great step forward for Montanari,” says Claudio Montanari, CEO of Montanari.  “We have a long history and a very good reputation, but our main focus has always been on the South European market. Signing an exclusive partnership with Lapauw for Northern Europe and the other continents, gives us the chance to build products for industrial laundries all around the world. The discussions with the Lapauw management have gone very smooth as we share the same philosophy of producing high-quality and reliable products, offering a low total cost of ownership. ”

Founded in Modena, Italy in the early 50’s, Montanari (www.montanariengineering.com) identified its core business in the laundry sector, and more specific in supplying industrial laundries with linen transport systems that enable their customers to participate in the revolution of work organization and production.