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Leonard Automatics Folder/ Crossfolders

Leonard Automatics folder/crossfolders with incredible versatility for any commercial, hospitality or healthcare linen supplier:

LVF Series:  Leonard Vacuum Feeder for small and large flatwork pieces
Available in 120”, 130” and 156” widths…read more

Hybrid Series: Drapes and stacks napkins, aprons and pillow cases (including the primary folding of king size pillows). Primary folds large pieces:  1 lane for sheets and 2 lanes for tablecloths…read more

LF Series: High speed folding and cross-folding, optional sorting and stacking, the LF Series includes 2 additional primary folds and draping accumulation for small pieces…read more

LS Series:  The Leonard Automatics LS (Leonard Stacker) is used with the LF Series for post-folding automatic sortation. It can be used with our equipment or purchased and adaptable for use with anyone’s existing folder…read more

For more specifics on Leonard Automatics Folders/Crossfolders go here.

Or visit the company’s website: Leonard Automatics