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Leonard Automatics Garment Conveyor

Leonard Automatic’s Transporter Conveyor chain offered to the laundry industry is constructed of stainless steel. This construction not only provides greater pull strength, but also the corrosion resistance needed for long-term operation for a garment finisher.

The Transporter Conveyor, designed for industrial laundry applications, is an upright pendant style conveyor featuring 3-1/8” and 6-1/4” pendant spacing. The Transporter is available in the traditional upright style as well as our “Helping Hand” design. The design dramatically reduces drag on the conveyor system by carrying the hanger rather than dragging the hanger as in traditional systems.

The Transporter chain can be used as a direct replacement for many existing systems. Additionally, the drive units have been designed for ease of installation and superior performance. Leonard also offers a full line of conveyor tubing and curves with all of the related parts to keep your system running smoothly. Most of these are in stock and ready for shipment.

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