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Leonard Automatics’ New Hybrid Series

Leonard introduces the Hybrid Series.

The Hybrid Series is Leonard’s first fully dynamic flatwork machine. It has the ability to actively measure all product going through the machine without the need for recipes or predetermined programs.

This intelligent machine can be set up at the end of your ironer line to process both small and large pieces.

Simply choose small or large and the Hybrid automatically does the rest by adjusting to the exact size.

The Stack-N-Store meets the large piece folder.

The Hybrid combines the reliable industry standard high-speed small piece draping Stack-N-Store with the ability to run large pieces in one or two lanes with up to 2 primary folds.

The Hybrid gives you versatility in your finishing line without sacrificing the high-speed production rate of the Stack-N-Store®.

Process napkins, regular and king size pillow cases, aprons, tablecloths and all size bed sheets!

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Leonard Automatics

Or call, 704-483-9316.