Leonard Automatic’s New Steam Heated Finishing Cabinet

Leonard Automatics just introduced a new and upgraded steam heated finishing cabinet (the SC-34) that can reach production rates, depending on size of garment, in excess of 100 garments per hour.

The Leonard SC-34 is perfect for removing wrinkles and refreshing garments or other products while on a hanger.

Leonard’s new steam heated finishing cabinet is a perfect fit for any facility that needs to remove wrinkles quickly and efficiently.

The Leonard SC34 is also incredibly easy to use. Open the door, hang the garments on the garment rod(s), close the door and press the start button. The unit is programmable to meet your steam conditioning and drying times required.

The all stainless steel construction will protect your investment for many years and includes the entire frame, floor, insulated panels, interior, and garment rod.  The SC34 also features a specially designed base for easily maneuvering into place with a forklift or pallet jack.

For more information, contact Leonard Automatics at 704-483-9316

Or learn more about the Leonard SC34 here: https://leonardautomatics.com/product/sc-34-steam-cabinet/