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Leonard Automatics PPB for Laundries

Leonard Automatics has been installing Personnel Protective Barriers (PPB) in laundries desiring safety measures.

These systems ship flat and are simple to assemble on site. Leonard can supply its PPB system for any application where social distancing is not achievable; large and small piece folders, ironers, feeders, steam tunnel finishing lines, soil sort…etc.

The PPB systems now offer an optional 110vac power strip and personal cooling fans at each station to provide positive airflow and cooling to each operator.

These systems are affordable, built to last, and will provide the professional look of a high-quality piece of equipment that you will be proud to install.  Patent Pending.

For more information visit Personal Protective Barriers

Or visit the company’s web site:  Leonard Automatics

Phone: 704-483-9316; or email sales@leonardautomatics.com



Images:  Top right:  Aramark Uniform, Sacramento California

                Lower left:  Hospital Central Services, Kingston Pennsylvania