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Leonard Automatics Stack-n-Store

Leonard Automatics’ Multi-Lane Small Piece Draping Stacker

Productivity Increase and Labor Decrease

Do you want to increase your production? The STACK-N- STORE does that. Do you want to decrease your labor? The STACK-N-STORE does that. Do you want better accuracy?  The STACK-N- STORE does that too! The STACK-N-STORE automatically and accurately counts and stacks most small pieces directly from the ironer (you can also hand feed), and it does all this faster than your best operator could by hand. If you are hand stacking we can significantly reduce your labor!

Fast and Smooth

The high production speed in combination with the gentle stacking flappers of the STACK-N-STORE is truly a sight to behold. The mechanical flappers that smoothly fold each small piece onto the stacking rods provide a quick and calm way to neatly and accurately stack your products, without disturbing your finished stacks down the line.

Refreshingly Simple

The STACK-N-STORE is a simple machine to operate and maintain, with ample space to access the interior parts. The PLC  touchscreen controls are easy to use. No part on this machine is awkward to access resulting in more production time.

Independent Lane Operation

With the Leonard STACK-N-STORE, each lane operates independently, leaving the other lanes free to do what they do best. Whether you have dedicated product ironers, varied product ironers, or you are loading by hand, each lane is programmable for the product classification being processed. And with the availability of  3, 5, and 6 lane machines, versatility is just a call away.

Easy to Install

The STACK-N-STORE can roll easily into place behind your ironer, and it can stay there with five stabilizing jack screws. The feed bed height is adjustable from 32-1/8″ to 38-3/8″ (816mm to 975mm). The STACK-N-STORE requires only compressed air at 80 psi and an electrical connection. The standard 3 phase AC requirement is 230/460 volts, and other options are available.

Challenge Accepted

Leonard Automatics can service your old Challenge STACK N-STORE with replacement parts, new controls, and even rebuilds. However, there will come a time when you will need to replace your stacker. When that day comes, remember that the Leonard STACK-N-STORE has been redesigned with numerous upgrades and features. And it has the same footprint as the old Challenge STACK-N-STORE design, so you won’t need to rearrange your production line.

Optional Equipment Includes:  Counter Bridge, Anti-Static Roll, Idler Feed Roll, UL Listed and Labeled Control Panel, Bypass Table, Custom Paint, and Spare Parts.

Full Control

The Leonard Stack-N-Store comes with a Siemens color touch screen giving you full control. All parameters can be individually set to optimize your particular process and results. The system is very intuitive and easy to operate and can be purchased locally, if necessary, reducing your overall cost of ownership while providing “same day” reliability.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Leonard Automatics