Leonard Automatics Team Members Lend a Hand for Harvey Victims

One positive thing that happens during disasters like these is that people tend to unify and step in to help when they see others in need.  Leonard Automatics Director of International Marketing, Robert Spradley, and his wife, Lesa, did exactly that.  


Hurricane Harvey left between 25 and 30 percent of Harris County — home to 4.5 million people in Houston and its near suburbs —flooded by day 3, according to an estimate from a meteorologist with the county flood control district. That’s at least 444 square miles, an area six times the size of the District of Columbia.  The torrent rain left homes flooded to their second floors and power lines under water.  After more than 50 inches of rain over four days, Houston was left with a chain of islands in a muddy brown sea.  Authorities said more than 13,000 people had been rescued from floodwaters.  It’s being called the biggest rainstorm in the history of the United States.


Leonard Automatics helped by providing materials that were desperately needed such as water, food, diapers and animal kennels. Robert and Lesa loaded up their pickup truck with the supplies multiple times over the course of 3 days.  Since most of Houston was without power, they had to travel outside of the city for gas and electricity. 


Although the Spradley’s apartment was in the middle of the hurricane zone, they were situated on an island to prevent their living quarters from being flooded.  Amid the down pouring rain, Robert and Lesa effectively assisted the National Guard to deliver supplies to distribution centers for Hurricane victims.  The Guard then loaded and dropped off the supplies to the many shelters.   Army trucks were the only vehicles able to drive through high water. 


It will take some time for the victims of Hurricane Harvey to recover from the destruction, but we do know that people take care of each other during times like these.  As the Texas Guardsman Brig. Gen. Patrick M. Hamilton puts it, “This is Texans helping Texans – neighbors helping neighbors.”