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Leonard Automatics Tunnel Finishers

Leonard Automatics has various tunnels to meet your diverse needs – stainless steel garment finishing for any style garment, process or production need.

The IM Series tunnel finishers are ideal for hotels, institutional laundries, hospitals, formal wear, retail distribution centers, stock rooms and garment manufacturers; wherever space is an important consideration.

The IS Series Garment Finisher has several design features that have been combined to form the steam zone for the IS Series finisher. This new “S-Turn” design provides superior quality in the same footprint of previous designs.

The V Series U-turn tunnel finishers are the perfect fit for high volume industrial laundry applications. The U-turn configuration allows for higher production within a relatively small footprint while containing the heat and controlling the airflow more efficiently than in standard straight through models.

For the last 30 years, you have had two choices in tunnel finishers: straight through and U-turn. The new VTP Series is a leap forward in the evolution of garment finishing technology. This radical design provides higher production rates, increased quality of finish and greater energy efficiency, all the while maintaining the high standards of workmanship, quality components and long life you expect from a Leonard tunnel.

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