Lint Filters Designed for Small Laundry Situations

SEGUIN, TEXAS — Clean Cycle Systems, setting the standard in Lint Filter manufacturing since 1985, offers 3 different Lint Filter models to collect dryer tumbler lint at any size of OPL, Coin, or Guest Laundry.  Each model style is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all dryer sizes.  Each model will improve drying time and prevent costly maintenance from escaping lint particles – to save you money!

The Lint Sock is perfect for outside installation and effectively collects lint from dryers of 1,700 CFM or less.  Extremely easy to install, it is accompanied by the CCS designed and tested over pressure alert system to assist with maintenance and to keep the Lint Sock performing at maximum level. Models are available for duct sizes 4” to 12”, and service 250 CFM to 1700 CFM. Lint Socks works with one or multiple ducts.

Lint Lasso Models – extremely popular in OPL with 1,000’s of successful installations since its introduction in 2013!  The Lint Lasso, by CCS, is the perfect fit for applications too small to accommodate a Central Lint Collector such as the OPL Series by CCS. The Lint Lasso effectively collects lint from the dryer system and provides a clean environment surrounding the duct vents. Models are available for duct sizes 8” to 16”, service 1,000 cfm to 3700 cfm. Lint Lasso works with one or multiple ducts.

“Small Wonder” OPL Systems- External Lint Filter- “Small Wonder” (self-cleaner) OPL-200 & 300 Series is ideal for smaller facilities like hotels, long term care ,dorms, sports clubs and coin-ops where 1 or more OPL dryers are found . OPL models are proven to be 4X more efficient than standard internal dryer screens. No utilities are necessary for installation and they can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling. Over 10 different models, 1,000 CFM to 10,000 CFM also work with one or multiples ducts. OPL models are available in a choice of fiberglass or stainless steel housing.

Booster Fans- In some cases, due to laundry layout or long duct work runs, booster fans are required to enhance the performance of the Lint Lasso or OPL systems. Booster Fans are available from Clean Cycle Systems and can help with your laundry.

Clean Cycle Systems Sales Engineering Team is available to discuss these models in detail and provide a CCS distributor in your area at 800-826-1245 or email them at

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