Lockout-Tagout Kit For Safety During Shut Down

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. — An innovative lockout-tagout safety kit from Tingue comprises three layers of protection to safeguard the company’s sales representatives and support commercial laundries and other facilities in complying with OSHA CFR Regulation 1910.147 – Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout-Tagout.

Developed to ensure flatwork ironers, feeders, folders and other laundry finishing equipment remain shut down and without power during product installation and equipment maintenance, the lockout-tagout safety kit features a durable clasp that locks switches and controls in the off position and bright red and yellow warning signage alerting everyone in the facility that power has been shut off for service. For a third layer of protection, Tingue sales representatives carry a credit card-sized lockout-tagout safety guide in their wallets at all times.

“Safety is a mindset and it’s important that we not only train our people about proper safety procedures but also help them stay cautiously vigilant about preventing accidents,” says Ty Acton, national sales manager. “The consequences of a lockout-tagout error are just too severe. We’re proud and grateful for our trouble-free service record and intend to continue operating in the safest way possible.”

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