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Looking at Leonard Automatics

The theme for Leonard Automatics at this year’s Clean Show was “Take a Look at Leonard”. Although Leonard has been known as a premier steam tunnel finisher manufacturer for years, their diversification into other markets since the recession of 2008-2009 warrants taking a serious look at their product line.

In January of 2009 the Leonard management team heard the vision of their owner Jeff Frushtick loud and clear; “we must develop products and services that reach into other segments of the laundry and garment manufacturing industries as well as explore other manufacturing avenues that utilize our talents and equipment.” Since that time Leonard has developed equipment for the flatwork markets, cart sanitizing, seamless garment and shirt processing, have taken their products internationally, and have created two new companies:  Leonard Fabrication and Design and LFD Off-Road.

At this year’s Clean Show, the Leonard booth was the largest in the company’s 50-year history. Leonard had to accommodate three new pieces of equipment designed specifically for feeding, folding and stacking of linen. The LVF (Leonard Vacuum Feeder) is a small or large piece vacuum feeder that will increase operator production and accuracy. The LF Series large piece / small piece folder, crossfolder, draper, stacker provides great versatility for those ironer lines that are not dedicated to a single product. And the LFH “Hybrid” is a full-blown Stack-N-Store small piece draping stacker for napkins, pillow slips and aprons that will also process large pieces in 1 or 2 lanes with up to 2 primary folds.

The “Hybrid” is ideal for the food and beverage and hospitality laundries that have a high volume of small pieces but also have the need to process table cloths and rounds. The Hybrid provides great versatility into a segment of the laundry industry where this type of equipment did not exist before.

Leonard also showed their new LCS-UV cart sanitizer that does not use water or chemistry to clean carts, only ultraviolet light, sanitizing quickly and safely.

In addition to the laundry processing equipment, Leonard displayed a Toyota 4-Runner in the booth to show their versatility in manufacturing as they design and manufacture after-market accessories for the off-road industry as well as others that require engineering design services. Leonard has laser cut and manufactured parts and systems for amusement and water parks, major automotive manufacturers, NASCAR teams and the list goes on.

This is a great story of a family business that has grown through diversification. Take a Look at Leonard!

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Leonard Automatics