Ludell Waste Water Heat Recovery

Hot wastewater generated in laundries can be a source of heat energy. Most of the heat remaining in the wastewater can be recovered and transferred to incoming clean fresh water as make-up to tempered or hot water systems. This is the heart of the Ludell Engineered Waste Water Heat Recovery System.

Current technology has increased the efficiency of wastewater heat recovery systems through the use of computer designed continuous shell and tube type heat exchangers.

Ludell’s Waste Water Heat Recovery will reduce boiler loads and boiler fuel consumption reducing the steam requirements to generate hot water, provide better temperature control over tempered and hot water systems, provide shorter processing cycles by the ability to start cycles with higher controlled water temperatures regardless of incoming fresh water temperature, provide higher quality laundered textiles by providing a more consistent control over water temperatures and reduce discharge waste water temperature to sewer or waste water treatment system.

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