Meese Introduces Silva-Trux – Antimicrobial Poly Carts

Meese’s newest innovation, Silva-Trux, were created to ensure a clean and safe workplace by helping to minimize the spread of infection by thwarting bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses, according to the company.

This technology helps protect anyone who comes in contact with the linens these carts carry, thereby minimizing the risk for illness and missed work days.

Meese currently offers the 70P, 72P, 90P, 92P and 101P Silva-Trux but more products will soon be available with this feature.

Meese carts are just as tough as ever but now, with Silva-Trux antimicrobial technology, they are even tougher on microbes, to make sure your workplace stays as safe and clean as ever.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: Meese