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Meese’s 72 ERGO Redefines Ergonomics in the Laundry Workspace

Meese developed the 72 ERGO with ergonomics and safety in mind to make it easier for your team members to load and unload loose linens, laundry bags and other goods.

The 72 ERGO elevates its spring loaded platform to a comfortable working height, which reduces repetitive bending and reaching into the cart, and shortens the distance goods need to be lifted. It dramatically minimizes the potential for injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

The 72P-style footprint now features a back-saving spring- loaded platform. The 72 ERGO bulk truck also was designed specifically as a “best of both world’s” product that can handle everything a typical 72P can handle, but with a safer, more ergonomically focused approach.

For more information and a spec sheet on the 72 ERGO go here.

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