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Miele Benchmark Performance Plus 25 lbs. Washer/Extractor – PW 811

Miele Benchmark Performance Plus 25 lbs. Washer-Extractor – PW 811


Miele’s High Spin Speeds

Miele has increased its washers’ capabilities to extract more water with high spin speeds and high G-forces (over 500 g’s). This cuts drying time in half and reduces energy consumption, resulting in fast drying times and better workflow.

Powerful Heating & Disinfection Capability

Miele’s on-board heaters and narrow hysteresis allow programs that heat water up to 200º F and hold temps for specific periods of time. Thus, thermal disinfection without the need for bleach is achieved. This is better for the environment and increases the longevity of the textiles.

  • Freely programmable
  • Stainless Steel front
  • Load capacity: 25 lbs.
  • Drum: 3.9 cu. ft./110 liter
  • Spin speed 1150 rpm
  • 3” H x 31.5” W x 37” D
  • Depth with door open: 56”
  • Electrically heated: 3 AC (3-pole) 220V-240V 60Hz (conv. to 208V), 3-pole 25 A
  • 2 cold/1 hot water, line with ¾” connection

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Miele