Monarch Brands

About Monarch Brands:  Supplier of Institutional Towels, Linen, Restaurant & Resort Textiles, and Microfiber Cleaning Systems

With roots established in 1947, Monarch Brands supplies microfiber cleaning systems, institutional towels and linen, and restaurant textiles to some of the nation’s biggest laundries. We follow exacting core values.

  • At Monarch Brands, our product passion and market knowledge enable us to become the unbreakable first link in our customers’ textile supply chain.
  • Only rigorously vetted suppliers are welcomed into our global network, making it possible to surpass our customers’ expectations consistently.
  • Through education, our customers gain confidence in the outstanding value we deliver.
  • Our team understands that customer satisfaction forms the bedrock of our success.
  • Our marketing expertise transforms ordinary textiles into unique, industry-specific products.

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Our laundry lines include:

Bale & Carton Packed White Towels & Sheets

We source stock and custom-made towels from the largest, modern textile mills across the globe. We carry a good, better, best selection in both bale-packed and carton-packed institutional white towels for the healthcare and hospitality industries.  Learn more here. 

Hotel & Resort Specialty Textiles 

From black makeup-removal washcloths to coral-striped oversized cabana towels, we carry many sizes and colors of guest towels for hotel and resort laundries.  More information:  Learn more here.

Restaurant Textile Essentials, and More.

Monarch Brands is a leading supplier of wholesale bar mops and kitchen towels for textile rental commercial laundries, carrying lines for every use-case. Our extensive range of napery, aprons, and table linen are woven with from spun poly, so do not wrinkle, fade, or stain easily. More information:  Learn more here. 

Microfiber Cleaning Systems

We pride ourselves on commercial quality color-coded microfiber products that hold up to 500 washes and still get the job done.  Learn more here.

With hundreds of SKU’s and private label programs in place, we will customize a solution to fit your needs.