New Cargo Closet by Meese – Haul Items Simply, Safely and Securely

Meese (, a market-leading plastics rotomolder, is proud to announce the availability of their newest innovation, the Cargo Closet. The versatile Cargo Closet is uniquely designed to haul and store just about anything you can dream of easily, safely and securely. A heavy-duty, multi-functional, material handling product, it can be easily maneuvered due to the hand truck wheels and molded-in grips. Its built-in garment bar allows for convenient and easy hanging of any item, if needed. The flip-top, lockable lid means the user can be assured the items are always safe and secure. The ergonomically designed deep opening of the lid (like the 72 ERGO) makes loading and unloading easier, minimizing the potential for injuries and workers’ compensation claims.
“Since day one, it’s been our mission to bring new and exciting products into the market place to support our customers. We believe this cart is an innovative solution to the ongoing challenges our customers face every day,” says Dan Rodriquez, national sales manager. “Whether needing to safely transport clothes or uniforms on hangers or easily move heavy objects, this cart does it. The possibilities are really endless.” 
Meese products, including Bulk-Trux, Shelf-Trux, Utility-Trux and Tilt-Trux, are built to meet the toughest hauling, transportation and storage needs.  Their latest innovations include an antimicrobial line of Poly-Trux known as Silva-Trux and their new ergonomically-safe line of ERGO products, designed to protect all team members. Meese also specializes in custom rotomolding projects for commercial and industrial products, including custom fuel tanks, lockers, bulk handling containers, recreational products and more. 
For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Meese

Or contact Dan Rodriguez, National Sales Manager, Meese, Office: (812) 801-9969